Tours in the city of São Paulo






The city of São Paulo can be rendered in many ways. It is the most important financial center of Latin American.

Just to mention some qualities, we could say that it is considered one of the world’s gastronomic capitals, a destination of large international business events, tours, congresses as well as cultural exhibition fairs along with concentration of great medical congresses.

São Paulo never stops and grows everyday, with the energy of people from around the world including all culture.
A City of continental vastness developing in all areas, achieving excellence in agriculture, power, technology and production.

The marks left by immigrants are everywhere, people who helped to write the history of the city.

Museums and attractions São Paulo

European art can be admired at the São Paulo art museum (MASP), one of the most complete in Latin America. The Brazilian origins can be found in the Ipiranga Museum.

The State art gallery is the largest Brazilian art collection gathered in one place sharing space with the works of Rodin and exhibitions by renowned artists. And more, the Sacred art museum gathers one of the most important collections of national religious works.

Even soccer stadiums become stages for large shows.

The land of soccer could not be more represented than its soccer museum, where everybody from all ages speaks the same language. São Paulo is also the land of golf, motor sports, horse racing and water sports.

Science also attracts the attention of São Paulo´s citizens and visitors in addition to respected universities, São Paulo is home to the Butantan institute which owns one of the largest collections of serpent in the world, one of the main research centers of the country it has become one of the city´s tourist attractions.

São Paulo is always ready to welcome you, welcoming those who are visiting on business or pleasure.

The pleasure of our table is also present in exciting bars and nightclubs that never close, enriching the efforts essence side of the city that offers permanent attractions.